SHLOMI ELIAS Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) Israel
Our office was established by Shlomi elias C.P.A. formerly a senior officer of the Tel Aviv Income Tax Office.
Shlomi elias an honours  graduate of the Tel Aviv University Accounting Faculty.
In addition he holds a B.A in Economics and an Organisational Sciences both from Tel Aviv University which is one of the various Academic Institutions where he lectures.
Shlomi elias was involved in the team responsible for ammending the Income Tax regulations.
He writes professional articles on taxation for numerous journals.
His experience of many years in the Income Tax Authority is of immense assistance in the help he extends to the Clients of our Office.
Shlomi elias is a a Board Member of the Israel Association of Certified Public Accountants and coordinates the Forum for Government bureaucracy.
The office is staffed by 15 individuals -accountants ,economists and book- keepers .
If you want to hear more as to how we can be of assistance to you.
You are invited to  a preliminary meeting at our office.
Our expertise covers a wide range of fields.